Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Guest Post; How To Look Good With No Makeup On!

Hi! Hello! So, I'm guest blogging on Alex's blog today. My blog is intellectualwisegirl, ( and today I'll be talking about ' how to feel like a bawse without wearing make up' 
Now, I dont wear make up, mainly because I can't, I have a severe allergy to it and I would quite like to keep my eyesight thank you very much. But maybe you're like me, alerting, or maybe you're just scared of eyeliner, also like me, or maybe it's a hectic week, you don't have time to do your make up but you still want to look great?( still me).
So I out together a list of things you can do to feel great, look great, but not have to much bother.
  1. Wash your face 
It's really important to take care of your skin, as a it keeps your body organs inside of you so you don't die, and b you look so pretty with healthy, glowing skin

I would recommend this product as it does the job people. It smells kinda gross, tastes kinda gross ( though I'm not entirely sure you're meant to eat it) but it gets those spots away  like that ( insert finger click here )
If you have acne, then don't worry! It will go away eventually, but this product works really well on it.
So wash your face , use moisturizer  and smile! It works wonder!
2. Make your hair amazing 
Wash your hair every other day, and condition it. Plait it, straighten it, curl it, tie it up or leave it down. Do what you want! Use pretty headbands and clips to accessorize it. Is that the right word? Oh well...
Would recommend this shampoo and condition as it smells great, gets rid of dandruff and is really cheap! 
Even take a step and dye it! Maybe get a temporary try out first to see what it's like then if you like it you can get a permanent one.
3.Be hygienic and dress nice 
 Again, shower every other day and use body wash and deodorant. Even wear perfume if you like! Wash your hair, but on lip balm and wash your face!
Wear what you're comfortable in, not what other people want you to wear..unless what they want you to wear is comfortable.. Then wear it..
This one is pretty self explanatory... If you don't knowhow to smile... You must be very sad... Same... 
Well I think that is all! Check out my blog here  if you want to! Tell me if this sent you!
IntellectualWiseGirl xoxoxo 

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