Saturday, 27 August 2016

The Liebster Award!

Hi Guys! I'm so excited to tell you guys we have been nominated for another award... The Liebster Award! We have been nominated by the lovely IntellectualWisegirl and beautiful ItsNira. Thank you so much for the nomination.


  • Post 11 facts about yourself.
  • Answer 11 questions from your nominator. (Okay so I was nominated by 2 people so I have 22 questions!)
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers.
  • Ask them 11 questions.
  • Let them know you nominated them.

11 Facts About Me:

  1. My name is Alex.
  2. I'm 13.
  3. I'm Irish.
  4. I love Harry Potter!
  5. I do loads of photography.
  6. Zoella inspired me to start my blog.
  7. I have 2 dogs and a tortoise.
  8. My favourite animal is a dolphin.
  9. I love makeup.
  10. My favourite movie is one of the Harry Potter series or the Hunger Games.
  11. When I'm older I want to be an Astro Physist.

11 (22) Questions From My Nominator(s):

From ItsNira:

1. What is your favourite quote?
"Don't count the days. make the days count."- Muhammad Ali.

2. What is your favourite thing about your blog?
Probably the fact that I designed it completely from scratch and it's personal to me.

3. If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

To be invisible or to fly. I would like to be invisible because we've always had that moment when we've been so embarrassed and you just want to be invisible so you can be! And if you were able to fly, you could literally go anywhere in the world!

4. Who is your favourite Disney princess?
Omg I don't know... 
Maybe Cinderella! I remember when I was younger I was always jealous of her dress! I just always thought it was so beautiful and I really wanted it!

5. Who is your favourite youtuber?
Zoella, ThatcherJoe, Tanya Burr etc. 
I'm actually watching a Sugg vlog while writing this!

6. What is your favourite subject in school?
Math, Physics, Art and Music!

7. What is your favourite word and why, if you have a reason?
I've never thought about having a favourite word before! Maybe "bubble" because it's fun to say.

8. If you could buy any 3 things in the world what would they be and why?
1. A holiday to Florida and Harry Potter World.
2. Meals for people who can't afford food. (I realise that's techniquely more than one but... oh well).
3. Tickets to see another Adele concert. 

9. What is the weirdest thing you have ever done/said?
One time... I asked if people from Rome are Romans... I know...

10. If you were the president or queen what would you do to make the world a better place?
Cure world hungar, Make animal testing illegal, Let everyone vote for what they want to be changed. ex. Every month or something have a vote for something the publis want changed or improved and make it happen.

11. What is your favourite book?
One of the Harry Potter series, I can't choose one!

1. If you were a dog for a day, what would you do?
See what it's like to be allowed to sleep all day and walk on four legs!

2. How many cushions can you balance on your head?
I have no idea...

3. What would you tell Harry Potter to do for making his life easier?
I don't think any advise I could give is good enough to make Harry's life easier! 

4. How many chairs have you broken?
One and it wasn't my fault! It just broke... OKAY?!

5. What color would you paint your enemies room?
Black... Like their soul... (I'm kidding)

6. What food would you eat for the rest of your life?
Spaghetti, maybe? 

7. What number would you murder with a dart gun?

8. Which toe would you sacrifice to the gods?
My baby toe because I kick it on EVERYTHING!

9. What subject would you choose to make a subject?
I have no idea!

10. How many people have you accidentally said “I love you” to?
Too many...

11. I have no more questions. Make up your own cause I’m lazy
Me too...

My Nominations:

My Questions:

  1. What is one thing you would save in a fire?
  2. If you were stranded on a deserted island with only three items of your choice, how would you stay alive?
  3. Favourite book/film?
  4. Are you a jewelry person?
  5. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  6. Favourite animal?
  7. What are your hobbies?
  8. Do you like school? Why/Why not?
  9. One food you couldn't live without?
  10. Who inspires you?
  11. Why did you start a blog? 

Thank you for reading my post and thank you again for the nomination! I hope you guys have a great day and i'll write soon.


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Guest Post; How To Look Good With No Makeup On!

Hi! Hello! So, I'm guest blogging on Alex's blog today. My blog is intellectualwisegirl, ( and today I'll be talking about ' how to feel like a bawse without wearing make up' 
Now, I dont wear make up, mainly because I can't, I have a severe allergy to it and I would quite like to keep my eyesight thank you very much. But maybe you're like me, alerting, or maybe you're just scared of eyeliner, also like me, or maybe it's a hectic week, you don't have time to do your make up but you still want to look great?( still me).
So I out together a list of things you can do to feel great, look great, but not have to much bother.
  1. Wash your face 
It's really important to take care of your skin, as a it keeps your body organs inside of you so you don't die, and b you look so pretty with healthy, glowing skin

I would recommend this product as it does the job people. It smells kinda gross, tastes kinda gross ( though I'm not entirely sure you're meant to eat it) but it gets those spots away  like that ( insert finger click here )
If you have acne, then don't worry! It will go away eventually, but this product works really well on it.
So wash your face , use moisturizer  and smile! It works wonder!
2. Make your hair amazing 
Wash your hair every other day, and condition it. Plait it, straighten it, curl it, tie it up or leave it down. Do what you want! Use pretty headbands and clips to accessorize it. Is that the right word? Oh well...
Would recommend this shampoo and condition as it smells great, gets rid of dandruff and is really cheap! 
Even take a step and dye it! Maybe get a temporary try out first to see what it's like then if you like it you can get a permanent one.
3.Be hygienic and dress nice 
 Again, shower every other day and use body wash and deodorant. Even wear perfume if you like! Wash your hair, but on lip balm and wash your face!
Wear what you're comfortable in, not what other people want you to wear..unless what they want you to wear is comfortable.. Then wear it..
This one is pretty self explanatory... If you don't knowhow to smile... You must be very sad... Same... 
Well I think that is all! Check out my blog here  if you want to! Tell me if this sent you!
IntellectualWiseGirl xoxoxo 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Lush Haul!

Hey Guys! Today's post is a Lush haul! I'm absolutely obsessed with Lush, it is my favourite place in the world. So, naturally, when I walked past Lush I decided that I had to go in and buy the whole shop!(Well, maybe not the whole shop, but I reckon I'm close!) I hope you enjoy:)

"Think Pink" - Bath Ballistic

"Run yourself the perfect temperature bath, get it, then take a moment to let go of the world outside of your bathroom, before launching your ballistic into the water and watching it fizz away!" 

This bomb smells absolutely amazing! It's quite a sweet scent and it turns your bath water pink which I absolutely love. As you can see by the picture one of my flowers fell off:( but that's okay cause it's still amazing!

Side Note: There's a little surprise inside this ballistic!

"Pink Flamingo" - Reusable Bubble Bar

"Birds of a feather, bathe together! Slip into something more fruity with this cocktail inspired, reusable bubble bath, filled with fragrant rosewood and ylang ylang. Let the bubbly flow!"

This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen! It's a pink flamingo on a stick, what's not to love?! It's smells so good, almost a bit like bubble gum. Also a little goes a long way with this so its gonna last a long time!

"Karma" - Bubble Bar

"Zesty lemongrass, orange and patchouli deliver all kinds of good Karma to your bathroom. Crumble this bar under running water to envelop yourself in a purple haze, heady scents and good vibes!"

The scent of this is very different but it's amazing! I absolutely melt when I smell this, I think it's probably one of my favourite Lush scents! I'm very excited to try this!

"Dragon's Egg" - Bath Ballistic 

"Run yourself the perfect temperature bath, get it, then take a moment to let go of the world outside of your bathroom, before launching your ballistic into the water and watching it fizz away!"

Is it just me or is there a bomb that comes out at Christmas with a the same name as this but it looks and smells different? Someone let me know in the comments! But again the scent of this is amazing, it's very citrusy which I love. Again very excited to use this!

"Razzle Dazzle" - Bath Oil

"If your hinges all are rusting, give 'em the old Razzle dazzle. Chica-go on and pop it in the bath... with Persian lime and bergamot oils, you'll be begging for more!"

I've never tried a Lush bath oil before so I'm very excited to see what they're like. However I can say that this smells divine! It's not a very strong scent, which I like because it's quite sweet. It's also very oily. As soon as I pick it up its starts melting!

"Sunnyside" - Bubble Bar

"Cross to the sunny side of life by bathing in gold. This mood-enhancing bar of indulgence turns the water bright gold and had a shimmer to it, while filling the room with a cheerful aroma. You'll feel bright and right as you step out of the bath thanks to the blend of sweet wild orange. lemon and tangerine oils to perk you up and enrich your day!"

I've had this bubble bar before and I loved it! It's very citrusy and when I used this my whole house smelt of it! It's also very glittery, which I love but I know some people don't like. I definitely did have to clean my bath after because it was full of glitter so if you don't like that, maybe this bubble bar isn't for you.

"Intergalactic" - Bath Bomb

"Ever wondered what bathing in deep space would be like? Invite the cosmos into your bathroom with this sexy, interstellar bomb and become the guardian of your own galaxy. An awesome mix of refreshing peppermint and neon colour sends your mood rocketing, while popping candy takes you on a trip around the Milky Way. Constellations swirl and pop, creating vibrant lustre vortexes in the night sky. Before you leap too far, rogue layers of vetivert and cedarwood take hold, evoking the warmth of human contact far from home and a hint of 80s aftershave. Return from your intergalactic brief encounter as the grounding scent brings you gently back from orbit!" 

OMG! The different colours of this bomb are amazing! Watching this fizz in the bath is absolutely beautiful. The scent of this is amazing aswell! It's so hard to describe but it's just amazing!

"Twilight" - Bath Ballistic

"Run yourself the perfect temperature bath, get it, then take a moment to let go of the world outside of your bathroom, before launching your ballistic into the water and watching it fizz away!"

I think the scent of this one is probably my favourite! It's so annoying 'cause I'm so bad at explaining the scent! It's just amazing. I've not tried this yet so I don't know if there's more colours in it but I'm very excited to try it!

"Experimenter" - Bath Bomb

So as you can see my didn't come with a description:( However the colours are absolutely beautiful in this and the smell is delicious and I just love everything about this bomb! 

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Monday, 15 August 2016


Hi Guys.

DISCLAIMER: This is an angry and sad post. One that I hoped I wouldn't have to make. Yet here we are. I advise if you do not want to read me ranting then please click off now.

So I just heard about the passing of Dalian Atkinson. I am sad and disgusted at what happened. If you don't know click here to read about it. Basically he was tasered by police because he was "threatening". If you read the page I linked you will notice that a witness clearly said "And because he continued to step forward once or twice - non-threatening - they deployed the Taser".HE WAS NOT AT ALL THREATENING!

Do you know why they tasered him? BECAUSE HE WAS BLACK.

People are living in fear! People are SCARED to leave their own HOMES because of they're RACE. I personally think this is disgusting. It MUST stop. White people don't live in fear, why should anyone else? 

Innocent lives are being lost because people are racist. PEOPLE ARE DYING. You may not care now but what if it's someone close to you? A family member, a friend. How would you feel if your race could mean living or being killed? This has to stop.

I understand that this one post won't change the world. But I will do whatever I can to help.


Saturday, 13 August 2016

Guest Post: Sweat-proof Makeup Essentials!

Hey guys! My name is Thea from Thoughts by Thea blog and I'm here today to do a guest post with iBeauty! So you're all probably wondering who the heck I am. So for starters, I am a 16 year old about to start their junior year of high school on August 29th... not excited about that. I have a blog of my own dedicated to many of my interests, including fashion, beauty and travel. I will have all my social media links listed down below at the end of the post!

Today I am going to be sharing with you 18 essential beauty products you need in order to look fabulous during those hot, summer days. I live in Charlotte, NC where there is summer weather throughout most of Fall. It gets pretty hot here and I'm definitely sweat prone. I also play sports which doesn't help much. Here are some great beauty products I recommend that are sweat + heat proof! These products are also all from the drugstore, so they are convenient to pick up and inexpensive!

Drugstore Heatproof Makeup

Primers are soo important to have! They will make your foundation last a lot longer and look a lot nicer. They will also make the application of the foundation a lot easier. This primer from NYX gives a nice matte finish and is great for keeping your foundation on all day long.

I find blotting paper extremely useful during hot and sweaty days. They will absorb any excess oil on your face and keep you from looking shiny and greasy.

This Rimmel bronzer is actually waterproof, so it will definitely hold up in heat and humidity. I love wearing bronzer and this one is very matte- which means it's good for contouring. 

I like to use cream blushes instead of powder blushes because I think that they last a lot longer. It's more of a cheek stain, whereas powder can be brushed off easier. 

When it's hot outside, obviously deodorant is an essential. Sunny weather = more sweat which means you need something that will help you smell great and fresh throughout the day. 

When it's hot outside my hair gets greasy and sweaty, so I like to freshen it up with dry shampoo. I really like the ones from Fekkai because they smell really good and make your hair look a lot cleaner. This product also gives volume!

In order to beat the heat, you're going to want a setting spray. They make your makeup stay on all day long with just a few sprays. It is also very refreshing for my face when I spray mists on it.

I find that brow pomades last a lot longer than pencil products. Since it's a creamy formula, they will move your eyebrow hairs where you want them and it will dry the hairs perfectly in place. 

I am in love with this mascara! Usually when I wear waterproof or water resistant mascaras they still come off when swimming or running around. I have worn this mascara at the beach, in the pool and playing soccer and it has stayed on perfectly. A lot of people don't like wearing waterproof mascaras like this one because it is hard to take off, but most cleansing oils will take off waterproof mascara easily. I always use coconut oil!

A pressed powder can act as a setting powder which will make your concealer/foundation stay put. It will also absorb moisture and make you appear less oily and sweaty.

I definitely think that cream eyeshadow stays on longer and I really like this one from ELF! You can wear it alone or you can add a powder eyeshadow over it if you want. It can act like an eyeshadow base/primer so that if you use another eyeshadow, it will stay on longer and look more vibrant.

When it's hot outside my hair looks very crazy! Sometimes it gets really frizzy, especially in the humidity. I like to use this moroccan oil on the tips of my hair to keep it looks smooth. I usually don't use it near the roots, because I don't want it to get too oily. I just like it to be on the parts of my hair that are the driest!

I guarantee that this eyeliner will last in the heat or if you're sweating. It does not budge! I have the black version and it looks beautiful on my eyes! I wear it when I go swimming and for my everyday makeup look.

This highlighter is very pretty and it won't sweat off your face. It's also only $3.50, so who can beat that?

This foundation claims to have 24 hour wear, however I have never left mine on for 24 hours. I have used it for about 12 hours and it still looked flawless at the end of the 12 hours. I have also worn it while playing basketball and soccer in pretty hot weather and it stayed looking great!

I have the translucent version of this brow gel and it's amazing. I usually wear it over brow powder to and it makes it last super long. It doesn't come off in heat or if you're sweating which is so great. It keeps your brow hairs staying in place for a really long time!

This color is soo pretty and it's waterproof! I also like the application of chubby lip sticks for some reason. 

Hairspray is a great tool for keeping your hair in place when you're outside. Usually hair frizzes up in the heat but hairspray can help give you volume without frizz and will keep your hair from going everywhere.

I hope you enjoyed this post! 

Thea ♡

My Links

Pinterest: @theasoukup
Twitter: @thoughtsbythea
Instagram: @thoughtsbythea
Bloglovin': @thoughtsbythea

Sunday, 7 August 2016

World Of Awkward Bloggers!

Hi Guys! Today's post is going to be all about "The World Of Awkward Bloggers"! 

World of Awkward Bloggers

Basically, it was started by Someone Online and Intellectual Wise Girl (two amazing girls). I recently came across they're blog's and I immediately fell in love! The blog names are links so definitely check them out!   

If you don't know what "The World Of Awkward Bloggers" is, it is basically a club you can join to meet different bloggers in your age group! 

To join click-

Here                                 or                               Here

Someone Online's Link                                                                             Intellectual Wise Girl's Link

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!


Thursday, 4 August 2016

July Favourites!

 Hey Guys! Today's post is going to be July favorites! If you like this post, let me know and i'll do it again next month! Enjoy!

The first thing is the "W7 Honolulu Bronzer"

This is supposedly an amazing dupe for the Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I don't own a Hoola bronzer but I can say it is very similar packaging and it comes with the same rectangular brush. I love this bronzer because a little goes a long way. The only thing about this product that's bad is, it's quite hard to blend but once it's blended it looks absolutely beautiful.

I love using this sponge for my base because when I use this to blend foundation, it gives quite a sheer coverage which I like because I don't need a lot of coverage. However if you do need a little more coverage you can build with it. I normally damp it but if you want a more matte look use it dry.

"W7 Queen Of Brows"

I have this is medium-dark and I use this everyday! Normally I only use this but sometimes I fill in a little bit of my brows. This can get quite messy so you do have  to be quite gentle handed with it.

Rimmel "Wake Me Up Concealer"

This is my all time favourite concealer! I use this everyday without fail! I use it on my spots and under my eyes and it works well for both. Although if you don't set it, it will disappear!

Maybelline New York "The Rocket Volume Express"

This mascara is SOOOOOO good! I curl my lashes then apply one layer of this and it makes my lashes look so long and curly, it's just amazing!

Bourjois "Little Round Pot Blush"

I have this in the colour "Rose d'Or 34" and it is so beautiful. It comes with the cutest little brush aswell! It also smells amazing which is just a bonus. It blends so easy and it's such a natural colour. I LOVE IT!

Rimmel "Stay Matte Pressed Powder"

I think if you are going to get the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer then purchase this along side it to set it, together they work wonders! This product is very good at keeping me matte all day and setting my foundation.  As you can see from the pictures it's a bit old so I will definitely repurchase this.

This is my new favourite book! I bought it the day it came out and finished reading it on the same day! It is amazing and the story is so good! If any of you are Harry Potter fans, I highly recommend you read this!

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day!


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Photography! #1

Hey Guys! This is my first (well, second if you count the "tester") post dedicated just to photography!  All these photos were taken by me and will be on my photography page ( I hope you enjoy:)

I hope you guys have a great day!


Tuesday, 2 August 2016

W7 "In The Buff" Eye-shadow Palette Review!

Hi Guys!

Today's post is going to be a review of the W7 Eye-shadow Palette. This palette is supposedly the best dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette but as I don't own a Naked palette and can't afford one, this is the best I've got! I actually have all three palette "dupes" so if you would like to see reviews on the rest definitely let my know! As I don't own the Naked palettes I can't say that they are exact dupes, however from what I've heard they are extremely similar!

(I accidentally cropped out the first colour called "Teddy Bear":( Sorry guys:( )

These eye-shadows are absolutely beautiful! The different colours are so lovely and you can do so many different looks with just the one palette. The only thing I could say about the palette that could be improved is the pigment. I've seen better, I've seen worse, but I would recommend that if you are wanting very extreme colour you could try using a wet brush. However, this doesn't really bother me because I don't really wear very heavy eye makeup. They are quite creamy in consistency, which I love because it means there is less fallout, but can mean that sometimes they are a little hard to blend, but usually because I don't use a lot of pigment they are fine for me. Overall I love this palette and use it almost everyday!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed and have a great day!!