Monday, 5 September 2016

August Favourites!

Hi Guys! It's Alex and here's my August Favourites! Sorry I haven't been posting as much, there's going to be a post about that soon!:( But for now,  Enjoy<3

August Favourites!

Just a quick disclaimer, this product is not sold on it's own. However it comes in a set with the other brush in this favourites and I definitely recommend purchasing the set if you are looking for good eye brushes. I use his brush everyday without fail! It's amazing for filling in eyebrows and it's the only thing I can use on my brows!

 Real Techniques: Deluxe Crease Brush

This is the brush that comes with the Brow Brush and I love them equally as much! I use this for blending concealer rather than on my eyes and I think it works really well! It's so soft and blends really well. 

I got this for Christmas last year and as i'm not a big hand cream person I didn't really use it much. At the start of summer I was tidying my room, found it, started using it and immediately started seeing results! My hands are so soft and the scent is amazing! I definitely recommend this for people with dry hands!  

Okay so I know your probably thinking "Vaseline?!"
Yes, vaseline! I LOOOOOVE IT! It's so useful for everything. I use it o my lips mostly and I always have it in my schoolbag! 

Can we just take a second to appreciate this Garnier for making this cleanser! It is 100% the best cleanser i've ever used ever! I little bit of this on a cotton pad does wonders. It's just my favourite skin care product ever!

Everytime I was my hair I have to use this! I definitely can see the difference in my hair since using this. My hair is softer, shinier and a lot less frizzy! It also makes my hair a lot less tatty.

This is possibly one of my favourite scents. Especially in summer! It's just delicious! It also feels very moisturizing which I love. It's a great size aswell, it's just small enough to fit into my bag for school!

My last favourite is StyleItOut blog! Its got fashion tips and much more! You should definitely check it out it's so good!

Thank you guys for reading! Have a nice day!


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