Monday, 15 August 2016


Hi Guys.

DISCLAIMER: This is an angry and sad post. One that I hoped I wouldn't have to make. Yet here we are. I advise if you do not want to read me ranting then please click off now.

So I just heard about the passing of Dalian Atkinson. I am sad and disgusted at what happened. If you don't know click here to read about it. Basically he was tasered by police because he was "threatening". If you read the page I linked you will notice that a witness clearly said "And because he continued to step forward once or twice - non-threatening - they deployed the Taser".HE WAS NOT AT ALL THREATENING!

Do you know why they tasered him? BECAUSE HE WAS BLACK.

People are living in fear! People are SCARED to leave their own HOMES because of they're RACE. I personally think this is disgusting. It MUST stop. White people don't live in fear, why should anyone else? 

Innocent lives are being lost because people are racist. PEOPLE ARE DYING. You may not care now but what if it's someone close to you? A family member, a friend. How would you feel if your race could mean living or being killed? This has to stop.

I understand that this one post won't change the world. But I will do whatever I can to help.



  1. This is so true. People just can't kill people because of what they look like. It's stupid! Everyone deserves to have their own rights and have their own life and not be controlled by people. I heard on the news once there was a phone call and the police asked whether the guy was black. I was disgusted I'm pretty sure I stood up and walked down to my bedroom. Sorry for the rant but I hate people who kill innocent people.

    Nira xx |

    1. Thanks for the comment! I completely agree! It makes me sick to my stomach some the things people do. xx